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Tim’s passion for the game and love of teaching and sharing his knowledge impressed me the most. He was highly professional. He patiently worked with me and discussed every aspect of this fantastic sport. Knowing that I now possess all the tools to achieve my goals is priceless. I call the game “pocket billiards ” instead of “pool” because Tim showed and proved to me that it is an ART! The man is just a perfectionist! It is truly a blessing to have learned from him – and to be his friend.

Simplice Sourou, Table Tennis Champion - Ivory Coast, Africa

Tim teaches the stroke material is awesome; other players always make remarks about how good my stroke is. This past weekend, I won my first tournament, all with a player ranked higher than me on paper. I’m shaving off years of practice by learning the why’s and the hows instead of simply doing trials and errors, like how most people learn to play great pool. The encyclopedia is very technical, and you will know why you should be using English, how much English you should use, and what effect it has on the cue ball and the object ball. The course changed my pool life!

Martin Bittner Quebec City, Canada

I enjoyed our sessions. Your instruction is excellent. I like how you explained the concepts using visual examples and graphics. I am pocketing balls much more accurately from this new stance. Just for fun, I set up some tough long cuts that I might usually miss,…well, they dropped right in! I no longer have an “aiming” problem ;-). I also found out I get MORE spin by finishing my strokes. AMAZING!!! I will continue to practice, and hopefully, the next time we meet, you will mistake me for a robot.

Ariane Albertson Florida

Thank you so much for all your time and expertise today – you are fantastic! Your teaching methods are unique, impressive, effective, and innovative – you obviously have spent thousands of hours mastering your craft. I am encouraged to schedule another visit with you in South Florida – I hope you are willing to keep chipping away at “old patterns” and providing new approaches to improving. Again thank you so much – it was an extraordinary day. I was inspired and will benefit significantly from your coaching.

Dr. Rick Jensen Internationally recognized performance consultant and sport psychologist

I was so impressed with the results after the first 2 hours it was easy to sign up for the entire course. There are no band-aids applied. He concentrates on giving you the knowledge and the ability to use it so that you can analyze your game as you progress. “A picture is worth a thousand words” can be particularly true when it comes to instructing. I spent several years teaching people to fly jets in the Air Force. If a student was having trouble with a concept, the best thing was to let him sit back, relax and show him a demonstration. Tim has the talent to deliver precisely what he is instructing. He practices what he preaches. I doubt my game would be half what it is without the instruction. I give Tim my highest recommendation.

Mark Ottoson - 767 Pilot - Atlanta GA

2004 – I have just returned from a 9-week coaching in Florida with Tim and had a brilliant time. He is very patient and very thorough. I was pretty shocked at my steadfast improvement. Tim is undoubtedly the man to see!

Pam Wood - 2007-08 World Doubles Snooker Champion - Tyneside, England

My shooting has dramatically improved over the last year and a half – 100% due to your instruction and many hours reviewing your videos and time on the table practicing what I learned. Thank you!.”

Nick Humphries

Your instruction is absolutely amazing! Without a doubt the best on the planet by far.

Joe Esposito - Grandmaster 10th Degree Blackbelt - Boston, MA

The time we spent together during the Foundation course was simply remarkable, full of knowledge, fun and in a very comfortable atmosphere. You have a very mentally intense course which leads to a wealth of knowledge – spectacular

Michael Zimmerman - US Air Force/BSACA Instructor - Zim’s Rack - O’Fallon, IL

Thank you so much for the time you have input into my teaching. I have gained much more consistency due to your teachings. “The Break” was extremely useful in the complete understanding of the stop shot was invaluable. I strongly recommend your instructions to any players looking to improve the quality of their physical and mental game.

Ryon Derriman - Professional Player - Auckland NZ

Everything I thought I knew was wrong. Everything has changed: my balance, stance, stroke…everything! Let’s get rolling…pun intended!

Keri Gold - Fitness Model

True genius does not fulfill expectations, it shatters it!

Venessa Leslie - Model

I WON the regional tournament…a lot and Big! I beat the top player 17-3 in 9-ball. In the finals, I went RACKLESS! I played so well, and I owe it all to you. I felt so comfortable and in tune with my game. I felt like you were right there, coaching me along. Thanks again for all the knowledge!

Jeni Ballash - Personal Trainer - Florida

Thank you so much for putting out so much great information. I can’t express how much they have helped our game. I played since I was ten and couldn’t even sink four balls in a row till watching your set. It felt like you showed us the Matrix, and now we can see. Yesterday, I ran a full rack (seven balls and the 8) 3 times while playing for the first time.

Robert Barnes Martial Arts McGregor, TX

You have done more to elevate my game than I would ever have believed possible.

Dr. Scott Campanini - Radiologist - Texarkana, TX

..material is excellent and beautifully presented. My game has improved amazingly in only four months. In my last tournament, I crushed my opponents with ease.

Peter Stevens - CPA - Riverside RI

It is something that I’m going to keep in my mind the rest of my life

Edberto Escudero - Engineer - California

In a game where the strain of effort can be more than discouraging, one must seek professional guidance. I experienced immediate feelings of “being in the world” as my connection between the object’s motion and physical movement seemed to gel into one. Some note that “experience” is a considerably more complex concept than it is usually taken to be in everyday use. My subjective mind experienced a series of flashes of true clarity as the “ah-ha” moments approached one at a time in a smooth progression. He showed our team the correct ways with precision and the incorrect ways with fantastic humor. A phenomenal week.”

NFL Football Coach

I found the KIP course particularly useful in four key areas: 1. Provided essential relevant knowledge 2. Confirm/validate previous knowledge 3—correct misconceptions 4. I established routines and tools to develop the skills I need to improve. Significantly important. Additionally, I enjoyed the week I spent with you, which was a lot of fun. Thanks again!

Frank Mora - MBA Duke University - Project Leader Sharma Strategy Group

Tim executes the game of pocket pool in a manner that very few individuals can. He has a flair and a style that exceeds the caliber, where the level of skill displayed demands respect and appreciation. He makes it a game that is beautiful to watch. It is only natural to dream of playing the game as he does. He loves to teach and help people. I have played and “practiced” pocket billiards for over 20 years with slight improvement. With Tims’s help, I have improved to a level where I can now boast that on July 8, 1998, I beat Allison Fisher twice in a pro-am tournament. I now enjoy the respect and self-esteem relative to pocket billiards I owe to Tim, and I am proud to say he is my teacher and friend.

Robert Casadei - Casadei Homes - Bloomfield Hills MI

Our alignment and strokes have now become practically “natural” – we can “feel” when we are in the proper position. Each win takes my breath away. We both LOVED the class. Thank you so much.

Carol & Harry Cooper - Law Firm - South Carolina

Your instruction is without question the best-presented material on the market. Your vast knowledge and technique in explaining the many facets of the game will benefit the beginner and the seasoned player. You are a true gentleman, a great instructor, but best of all, a person I can call a friend.

Jack Justis - Justis Cases - Coconut Creek Florida

You have an amazing talent. Thank you for all you help!

Richard Brompton - Professional Player - West Palm Beach Florida

I thought I was hot stuff when I went to the first class… I got put in my place pretty fast.

Travis Ridenour - Chess Champion/Martial Arts/Billiards Teacher - Eureka Springs, AR

I was absolutely astonished.

Ben Stockton - Former Kentucky Prosecutor - Vero Beach Florida

Essentials for victory are present in abundance in your course. The certificate I received from ACA will be one of my most prized processions.

Harry Foster - Teacher

The techniques shown were awesome, and the philosophy is totally new; wow! Tim gets into your mind and explains what we need to see and feel as we learn. He explains how the muscles work in relation to the brain and methods to build consistency.

Bob Hunt

Tim provides analysis, focus, and formulas to the common elements of the game that give the player an understanding they probably didn’t have before. Everything is broken down into minute areas and then put back together again. Once you understand those parts, it almost seems hard to miss. Elaborately produced, well-conceived, creative and thorough”. 

Tom Shaw - Pool & Billiard Magazine Editor - Summerville, SC

Your videos and stroke analysis were the best investment in my game. I learned more from your video analysis than I could do anything else. Your program – “IMO,” is the best and the one I want to use as a baseline. Thanks for all your help

John Harlach - Cue Chief Instructor/US Navy - Middleburg Heights, OH

After reviewing the first series, I was very much impressed with the way you explain the fundamentals of all aspects of the game and also how pupils can explain very simply what they have learned. This is really fun to watch! Also, the graphics are awesome.

Tommy "TK" Kennedy - 1992 US Open Champion

I just received your videos 1-5, and I must say they are, without question, the best instructional videos I have ever seen. I played in a tournament this week at Q-Masters, and I was shocked! I went through the field of “A” players to the finals. Watching your videos has dramatically helped my game. Thanks again for putting your knowledge on video.

Bill Ralls - Los Angeles, California

I have purchased a lot of billiard instruction videos over the years, but your course is, without saying, the best! This is unbelievable! I like how you explain the why’s and not just the hows.

John Meier - Captain US Army

This is just the kind of information that should bring joy to a practice session as well as the feeling of being alive. Quality-10, Material-10, Hands down, what I have seen is the very best of what is being taught today. The result of your approach to instruction will to some degree create a paradigm shift, meaning a change from one way of thinking to another and maybe even a change of patterns on a massive scale.

Stan S.

In the Marine Corps, the highest compliment you can get from them is OUTSTANDING, which is how I feel about the job you did with this new information set.

Ken Tewksbury - Master Instructor - Institute of Billiard Sciences - Marine Corps, 1959 - 1962 Semper Fi - Father of Hall of Fame pitcher Bob Tewksbury

I enjoyed your course and learned a lot of new and exciting things. You put a lot of effort into it. I wish you the best of luck with everything. Thank you!

Karen Corr - World Champion - Ireland

White offers a great method to approach the table during play. Tim covers — like a blanket — the topics of deflection, why deflection causes squirt, tangent lines, and gear shots, still saving the best for next to last in revealing a lifelong mystery – How to work with frozen balls, I learned that I had been approaching these shots all wrong for the better part of 20 years.

Kyle Chiner - Billiards Digest

The series’ instructional content and quality production are top-notch, by far the best I’ve ever seen. Tim’s knowledge and comprehensive instruction on the mental aspects set this instructional series apart from the many low-production counterparts of this genre.

John Evans - On the Wire Billiards News - Troutdale OR

I reviewed all the courses I ordered, and you are an amazing gift of knowledge, which is power!!! Just in a week or so, I have noticed a HUGE difference in my game. I am proud to say I ran my first rack of 8-ball last night; it was the best feeling ever.

Anthony Williams

It’s always nice to see someone new explain things a different way. So far my game has improved and I am looking forward to tightening up on everything. Wanted to add one thing that came to mind. Knowledge is Power — Sharing that Knowledge is Empowerment!

Dave Giles

I love your course! I have been studying for the last two weeks and have learned much. I played on league Monday night and beat a much higher-rated player in 9-ball. Your 9-ball break is excellent! I average two balls on the break and a shot on the next ball. Knowing how the muscles work through the stroke will significantly improve my game. Thank you again; you are the BEST INSTRUCTOR I HAVE EVER SEEN!

Dr. Ashley C - California

Amazing!! Thanks…Thanks…Thanks. All is great! I will become excellent at this…Only to say THANKS for all! I am thrilled!!! Super presentation. You explain all concepts clearly, and the lessons are elementary to understand. Fantastic the way you show all content very clearly.  Modules 1 and 2 are recommended to all players, any level, and are GOOD FIRST CLASS MATERIAL is fun to learn with you. Excellent material you have made. Congratulations on this!

Big Al - New York, NY

The Academy of the Cueing Arts is top shelf!! The information is priceless; the instruction is invaluable. Also, Tim makes you feel right at home. Well worth the money. Thank you for the help.

William Trussell - Kingston, NH

Have also read the reviews in Billiards Digest – and would agree that the content and demonstration of knowledge is excellent. Your knowledge and demonstration of the scientific basis of the game are excellent.

Jerry Goodman - Philadelphia, PA

My wife and I have watched many pool videos, but yours are the best. You obviously put a lot of hard work into each segment. Thank you!

Darrell Morgan - Blue Ridge Summit, PA

Your course is the best instructional information on the planet. Nothing compares, to absolutely the best, in my opinion, on the market. I just had to comment on that. Thank you again.

Randy G. - Dallas, TX

Before meeting with Tim, I knew I had a flaw in my stroke but was unsure what it was. He recognized the problem and corrected the mistake in just a brief moment. My game continues to improve with the constant practice tips he gave me. Highly recommend.

Dr. Steve Behnke - Hawaii

Thank you for the course. I have improved my APA rating from a 4 to my present 6. Last week I spanked another 6-ranked player 5-0. I have won all my matches since.

Brian Marlett - Cocoa, FL

Seriously, the instruction is the best I’ve ever seen — the section on stroke mechanics is fantastic!

Paul Kemp - Tennessee

You are a great instructor with a great instructional course! I dramatically improved my stroke in 5 minutes! I would highly recommend you to anyone.

Amanda Morgan - Inside Pool Magazine

After getting comfortable with the new information and techniques, my game has taken a big leap forward! I would recommend this program to anyone. It was great!

Whitey Baun - PADI/NAUI, Diving Instructor

I found your course to be very informative and very well produced. The video on the break shot was especially helpful to me. The presentation of the series is the best I have seen. The billiard industry could use more people with your love for the game.

Shane Sinott - OB Cues Sales & Marketing Director - Former Sales Manager, Predator Cues - Jacksonville FL

Great insights as to the “whys” of the game and therefore the “how to’s” becomes more meaningful.

Doug Linn - Virginia

Over the past month I have been practicing the principles that you teach in your video series. Already, my game has elevated to a level that I would have never imagined. I still have a long way to go but what a great roadmap you have provided.

Henry Gino. - Montreal Canada

The ability to inspire and empower people with knowledge is a gift from God. You are blessed with a talent not many possess. Carry on!

Julie Z. Clarkston, MI

Anybody that wants to improve their game should purchase the Cue Sports Encyclopedias. They are in a class by them self as far as instruction goes. I found the information priceless, the information is priceless!

John Benson - RI

I have just finished the complete course. It is outstanding! You have raised the benchmark for billiard instruction. There is nothing on the market that compares. I am looking forward each day to your wisdom.

Michelle Corm - Montreal Canada

Your series is awesome and has helped my game tremendously.. Thanks so much. Your ideas of teaching are so innovative and simple. Over the years I’ve developed a lot of bad habits. Wish I knew about your program 15 years ago. Huge amounts of Aloha to you.

Shane Tanisue - Pearl City, Hawaii

I ended up staying up until 4 in the morning cause I couldn’t stop looking at your work. My mind is getting blown every time I practice. This is amazing!

Shawna - Martial Arts

I have played for 41 years since I was eight years old, and for the most part, I was self-taught; I tried figuring out all these things myself and discovered I needed help. I am now playing with house pro and learning to know a lot more. Because of your tips, I defeated him and improved my game significantly. Everything I saw made instant sense to me.

Matt (Butch) Hamer - Oak Creek, WI

Complete Tranformation is an Understatement

Jeremy Weir