Master Class

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, we recommend a minimum age of 18.

This is the most advanced and complete Cue Sports class in the world. Students see dramatic short-term physical improvements and consistent long-term strengthening of all skills. 

Orlando (MCO) is 1.5 hours, West Palm Beach (PBI) is 1.5 hours, Melbourne (MLB) is 40 minutes

The Academy of the Cueing Arts is located in Vero Beach, Florida

There are numerous hotels and Airbnb options close by to stay. 

Yes, we can provide transportation to/from class. 

Maximum of 3 students per class. 


One to One

Private Course


10 pm - 6 pm
Modules 1-3


10 pm - 6 pm
Modules 4-6


10 pm - 5 pm
Modules 7-8 & Final Exam

Video Analysis

As a result of thousands of students, we have learned that there is a significant gap between what a person thinks they did to the reality of what they are doing. This is because our eyes look forward at the balls/table/pocket when we execute the shot, creating a singular self-evaluation strictly based on results.

Video analysis significantly increases the effectiveness of your learning since having the ability to see the unseen through professional evaluation of what you are doing is one of the primary keys to dynamic improvement. In addition, redirecting focus to “what” is happening allows the knowledge triggers to change the habit.

Our professional sports software makes it possible to show you precisely what, when, where it is happening, and most importantly, why it happened — providing you a clear path to how to fix it. You will instantly see what adjustments need to be completed and future subsequent improvements right before your eyes in slow motion.

Video analysis is a cornerstone of importance here at the Academy and is highly recommended. It’s like bringing in the building inspector to verify the foundation is solid before building upon it.

The most important part of your shot happens before impact with the cue ball.

We diagnose your Fundamentals and Mechanics with our professional video analysis software.

Set up Smarter. Stroke Better. Win More.

Produced using Pro Sports software: voiceover and overlay drawing tools are included during this 30-minute detailed recording.

Video analysis makes it easy to see your techniques’ correct and incorrect positions so you can quickly make adjustments. 

Included in the Master Class and available via upload from your home or local room table. You will receive video camera setup instructions via email. Personal Video Analysis will be uploaded to a private Youtube account; only you can watch it.

$100 Per Analysis 

Video Analysis