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International Master Academy

Since 1991

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The Academy of the Cueing Arts, International Master Academy, founded by Master Instructor Timothy White, represents over 30 years of scientific research and training development and leads the Cue Sports revolution with passion and creativity. Founded in 1991, the Academy of the Cueing Arts continues to be the world’s premier leader in cue sports education. The Academy is constantly fine-tuning the art, expanding the depths of knowledge within Cue Sports.

Inspired Excellence

With more than 3500 students of excellence, the Academy of the Cueing Arts reflects success in developing champions at the highest levels with a perfect balance between mental, psychological, and physical training. 

It’s about becoming something.”

Learning Options

The Master Class training is available as a completely online course or, if you prefer, as private one-to-one live training. 

One to One private training is located in the Lakes at Waterway Village in the beautiful Florida community of Vero Beach. The pristine home, state-of-the-art-equipment, and clean atmosphere combine to make the Academy of the Cueing Arts a beautiful and unique training environment.

International Master Academy

World Premier Leader in Cue Sports Education & Training

Cue Sports Education & Training
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Since 1991
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